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Controlled Release Agricultural Formulations: Our major focus is to create nature-based and nature-inspired delivery platforms for controlled release of the loaded cargo. However, there are three major directions, based on the format of our delivery platforms and desired application.

Granular formulations


Seed treatments

We engage in the sustainable repurposing of plant biomass through a meticulously orchestrated process, resulting in the creation of granulated formulations suitable for the targeted and efficient application of agricultural actives, i.e., pesticides and nutrients. This approach underscores our commitment to both environmental stewardship and agricultural productivity.
We specialize in the formulation of biodegradable particulate dispersions. When applied as foliar treatments, these carefully engineered formulations exhibit rapid spreading properties and exceptional adhesive strength, even in the face of substantial rainfall. Our commitment to advancing environmentally conscious technologies is exemplified through the development of these resilient solutions.
Our microplastics-free seed treatment formulations facilitate the targeted and controlled release of diverse actives, i.e., pesticides, nutrients, and plant growth promoters. Sourced from nature, our biodegradable seed treatments can be designed for diverse crops and actives. Our seed treatment formulations, empower agricultural systems with the ability to optimize resource utilization and enhance crop performance.


We provide comprehensive support and strategic consulting services to a diverse spectrum of stakeholders, including growers, research and development organizations, as well as enterprises within the agrochemical and agbiological sectors. Leveraging our extensive expertise, we offer tailored guidance that spans the realms of cultivation, innovation, and product development. This collaborative partnership approach underscores our dedication to fostering growth, innovation, and excellence within the agricultural industry.
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